New year's eve wedding at the bolling haxall house

New year's eve wedding at the bolling haxall house

"My husband and I have known Rudy for a long time, he's both a wonderful stand up guy as a friend, and a DJ. We actually know Rudy from parties he DJ'ed back in the day, so we can vouch that he is guaranteed to get everyone, and we mean EVERYONE at your wedding on the dance floor. 

To give you an idea, we had a wedding with guests ranging from those in their early 20's to their mid 60's. We also had some shy, wall-flower types and by the end of the night there wasn't a single person sitting down. We danced with our friends and our parents and our older (in their 60's) aunts and uncles, and the old ones partied even harder than some of the youngins! He also had everyone at our wedding singing along at the top of their lungs. That is the magic of Rudy.

If you're looking for a DJ who is going to get people moving, and telling you that yours was the best, most fun wedding they've ever been to (literally, even the staff at our reception told us as they were cleaning up that we were the best crowd they'd ever had), then you need Rudy at your wedding." - Paulyn & Jeffrey. Reception at The Quirk Hotel

“Rudy far exceeded our expectations and helped make our wedding as memorable and enjoyable as possible. We met with him twice prior to the wedding to discuss the music and he was very professional and easy to work with. He also kept in contact with us via email leading up to the wedding and was always very prompt and accommodating with his responses. When we met with him he asked us what kind of music we wanted played, but we decided that he was the pro and basically gave him free reign to play whatever and he completely nailed it. We have had several friends tell us after the wedding that it was the best wedding DJ they’ve ever experienced. On the day of the wedding he was on time, well dressed, and his equipment was top notch. We would highly recommend Rudy to anyone looking for a DJ for their special event. ” -Jess & Michael. Reception at The Quirk Hotel

“Best wedding ever could not have been possible without our amazing DJ, Rudy! Not only did he keep the party going and play every song we wanted- Rudy also helped the venue move tables and take care of business! Thank you for letting us be ourselves…all night!” - Sara Jo & Todd. Reception at The Vintager Inn

“We loved Rudy! He did an incredible job at getting to know us as people, working through all the songs we wanted for specific parts of our wedding, and incorporating that into an incredible night of of music. It was a total party from song one through the end of the night. He read our people and everyone had a great time. He’s such a caring guy on top of being an amazing DJ. We are so stoked we got to have him as a part of our big day!” - Lauren & Ryan. Reception at Seven Springs

“We used Rudy for our wedding and could not be happier with his work. We were able to communicate the types of music we wanted and the overall feel of the event and he put the music together perfectly. He had a great selection of all types of genres and blended everything well. There were no awkward gaps in the music, and transitions between songs were seamless. Rudy has a very polite and professional attitude and did an absolutely fantastic job all around. I can’t say enough good things about our experience using Rudy. All of our guests loved the music and had a great time. We will definitely use him again for other parties and would highly recommend him.” - Welsy & James. Reception at The Bolling Haxall House



“Rudy was an integral part of our wedding day and it would not have been the same without him. From the first song to the last song we would not have wanted it any other way. His sound equipment was top of the line and my Father still brings up how exceptional he was every time we speak of the wedding. When we were officially announced as Mr. and Mrs. Mazzola when we entered the reception was a moment I will always remember. Thanks for providing the soundtrack to our lives!” -Catherine & Jason

“Rudy was a pleasure to work with and really helped make our wedding special! He read the crowd well and kept everyone dancing, mixing it up with the right mix of old and new tracks. I would highly recommend him for any event in which you want the music to be RIGHT.” -Sarah & Jacob 

“Rudy is thoughtful, reliable and most importantly, he is really good at what he does. With so much confusion surrounding wedding planning, we found that it was nice to have such an amiable professional in our corner. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a great DJ.” -Sarah & Vince